Why you need a blogger . . .

February 8, 2019

Why do you need me?

Breastfeeding rates:

  • initiation
  • duration
  • broken down by demographic


Not resonating with black mamas

The peer model and why it works

Imagine the peer model online

  • moms are online
  • many healthcare providers are starting to provide online services
  • engaging blog for moms and/or healthcare providers creates a professional following and brand loyalty, sets org apart
  • organizations with active, engaging blogs and brand loyalty stats

My blog

  • For mothers: educational resources in a relatable voice with relatable context, “culturally sensitive”
  • For educators: Bridge to the moms, help contextualize, translate, to develop unique methods for moms with unique circumstances

Who am I?

Public health worker

social work

breastfeeding educator

community health worker

noticed a gap between black mothers and healthcare providers in delivering breastfeeding support

helped organize/establish HUGS, GR’s first black breastfeeding group



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