Ubuntu Is

July 30, 2017

Ubuntu is the one antidote to white supremacy.

While white supremacy is steeped in the illusion of our separateness,

Ubuntu recognizes that we, as living beings, are One interdependent Body.

White supremacy is ‘us vs them.’

Ubuntu is Collective Consciousness.

White supremacy is power over perceived-others.

Ubuntu is collective empowerment via individualized empowerment via collective empowerment via…

White supremacy seeks to assimilate for expansion of power.

Ubuntu illustrates how nature thrives on diversity.

I am because we are.

As a cell in my thumb is whole but interdependent with my body-whole,

I, too, as a human, am a cell of the body of all things manifest.

You, too, are a cell of the body of all things manifest.

We are cells of one shared body in the same way two cells of my thumb share the body of my hand.

Well, hello there, Brothers and Sisters.

There is no separation between you and me but for what we’ve created in our minds.

And while I recognize we are several generations

From Collectively understanding this Truth,

There is Work to be done today.

Currently, our biggest barrier to collective-consciousness

Is race- and nationality- consciousness,

Both of which assign human value based on arbitrary man-made definitions,

And were created solely for separating humans for purposes of power and control.

And yet we have all bought-in.

This, my Loves, is not conspiracy theory, but history.

This is our reality.

My Work seeks to incite Ubuntu via multiculturalism.

I Work toward the normalization of multiracial people, families, and communities,

Because as we blur the lines between the man-made race borders,

We grow closer to remembering our Essence:

We are, as are all living beings, one single and completely interdependent organism.

I am because we are.

We > me

Everything  you will see on this site,

Everything I write,

Everything I do,

Is infused with Ubuntu.

What is YOUR #Ubuntu?

Tell us in the comments below what Ubuntu means to you.

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