Sarah Asia on Mixiism

July 30, 2017

Purple is not half red and half blue. It’s purple.

Similarly, mulattoes are not half black and half white; we are mulatto.

Sarah Asia is a self-identified mulatta who grew up in the eighties and nineties in the midwest where she currently resides with her seven-year-old son and Partner.  She serves underprivileged families in her community by day, and in her personal life, uses writing and other forms of artistic expression to make sense of and navigate a world which isn’t always so friendly to folk who don’t fit the status quo.  Ms. Asia is an advocate for self-identity for multiracial people and she works to channel her artistic endeavors to help foster a unified mulatto community.


Help me find this awesome artist! I swear she was on Pinterest somewhere!

Red and Blue is Purple was created to normalize the mulatto experience to empower mulattoes to feel supported in their choice to self-identify.  Often this choice comes pained with guilt and can feel like a “coming out,” or like having to leave an entire community of loved ones feeling betrayed and confused.  And even more often than that, it means walking forward into an unknown without any models, guides, family or friends to lead the way.

We have not yet taken voice.  Not as a collective.  Instead, we have been absorbed by our Mother-community, black Americans.  But while we have many aspects in common, especially as we move further back in time (for “race” is nothing more than our social experience), the black and mulatto experiences are each unique.  In speaking only through our Mother-community, we lose touch with and connection to those aspects which are unique to our story as biracial people moving through a very monoracial society, which can leave us feeling marginalized, unseen, flawed in our existence, and without communal support to walk the ups and downs of the mulatto experience in America.

Let this blog stand as illustration that we are an identity in our own right, with common experiences, questions, gifts and challenges.  Let this blog stand in exploration and celebration of everything that makes our experience uniquely ours.




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