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Did you know I’ve been over here yacking my head off on this blog?

Are you slightly curious, but not quite sure you wanna actually invest time sifting through links and crap?

I understand.  I gotchu!

Check the recommendations at the bottom of this page to see what I consider my most representative posts so far…a lil taste without the time commitment.

But first:

Red and Blue is Purple is about mulatto identity, right?  (Whatever that is…)  But what does that have to do with you if you’re not mulatto? Or mixed but not mulatto-identified?

Well…to be quite honest, mulatto-ness is just the lens through which I see life. Really, it filters my entire experience. Sure, there are other lenses, too, but ain’t it funny how significantly our “race” impacts our social experience? Hint: if you don’t think it does, you’re most likely white. Which proves my case exactly.  😉

Okay, okay–don’t let that scare you away.  I promise to play nice always.

In fact, this blog is not really about mulattoes at all.  It’s about us.  All of us.  It’s about how we fit together.  Or…er…don’t quite fit together.  Yet.  It’s about how we’re progressing toward fitting together.  It’s about how we run into each other.  How we slide around each other.  How we learn some about each other all the time. And how, often, we learn it the hard way. It’s also about how we learn about ourselves from learning about each other.

It’s about coming closer to understanding the big picture…if that were even possible–pulling back the lens from our personal experience to see where we fit inside the Whole. It is expanding our vision. Even if only for a moment’s pondering.

This is about our journey back to One. Through my mulatta lens.  <3


What do you think? Here are my top five recommendations:

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Let me know what you think!  Your feedback is always welcome!


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